“Our Hearts Join as One”

You and I Merging
into a captive bond.
Seamlessly joining forces
to explore beyond
the realm of loneliness,
deep and far.
Touching our edges,
Our souls ajar.
When like falls into
the arms of like,
barriers do break,
and tinder does strike
to kindle a fire
unworthy of extinction.
Our hearts join as one,
where is the distinction?


“All That I Am”

There’s a stream of feeling, a dynamic continuum inscribed by polarity.
Thoughts locked away inside my mind, I alone possess the key.
A body that walks 3 miles a day, and winds down gingerly at night.
A memory, with lingering residues and past imprints.
And a knowing that mounts, displacing oblivion.

The feelings consume and surround me, there is longing, they give my life meaning.
The thoughts guide me. They tell me stories and analyze the world at large.
My body makes me a fixture, and places me in the context of passerby.
My memory collects and stores all the relevant details of my life, creating an accessible dimension to dwell in when I want to remember, however things are so easily forgotten.
And my knowing fills in empty spaces, makes timely inferences, dissolves ignorance and everything like it.

Of course, there is the master, the ruler of all these disparate components. That is my consciousness. It is my container, the thing that watches and observes, the unifying force of all my experience. It is intangible. It is the integration point of all aspects of my being.

I wholeheartedly respect and cherish all of my parts. They encapsulate everything that I am.

One day, when I no longer inhabit this earth, my soul will roam freely amongst the elements and I will know that I was complete.

“The Burning Resentment”

The disconnection isn’t real.
As we go, we believe that others are unkind, or unworthy of our attention,
that they will inevitably hurt us,
or let us down, down, down.
That our wounds are to be ripped open, the festering pain, reexperienced as a fresh affliction,
harboring negative thoughts about what may happen, how could it happen? Wasn’t I better prepared?

Is the all too prevalent divisiveness between genders just one colossal misunderstanding? Is the truth all too certain, and difficult to bear?
Is blame a helpful construct to embody, will it ever take us somewhere?

I believe everyone and everything deserves at least a little bit of love, if not a mountain then a sliver, if not a sliver, then an atom, if not an atom then maybe the smallest measurable consideration for who that person truly is, and what they may have endured throughout their journey.

Within the process of love for all, there lies forgiveness.

Maybe you were wrong to hurt for so long, and to be held captive by others. But outside the bounds of your perception, someone somewhere may reflect back to you all your greatness and you will say, “how did I ever forget?”


It’s not about the way you look.
It’s not about what you see.
It’s not about who you are.
It’s not about what you’ll be.

But, rather;

It’s all about what it took
to get you to the state of wild and free.
From the horizon, I see so far
all the world’s sorrow, and all the world’s glee.


It takes a hero to live life,
A master to love life,
And a monster to take life.
Ceaselessly pulling myself together, only to have everything unravel,
Like twine in a fire.
Ashes lost in the wind,
Smearing the shore.
Carrying my placid regrets
That I have managed to forget.
I see my reflection in an eddy,
Meandering without purpose
A part of the ocean,
But will soon face annihilation.
I am but a reckless impulse.
Heaving heavy weights up to heaven,
Falling in synchrony with broken pieces that were once my dreams.
They break onto the ground, transforming into dust.
My visions become multitudes,
And in each speckle of dust I can see infinity.


I still remember
The fumes of your heart
Staining my lungs,
Like an accidental oil painting.
It was then that I had to think about how to breathe,
Deliberately rehearsing the process in my mind.
But there was no in or out,
No flow of oxygen.
I was suffocating
Inside I was collapsing,
Like a bridge charged with demolition.
And the air I needed was like the gold stored in a protected vault 50 meters underground—simply unretrievable.
It’s true: you had sanctioned me from life, exiled me from ease, but strangely enough I didn’t want revenge, but only what you had so unjustly stolen from me—the precious currency of element we all rely upon
To survive.


Channeling veracity,
I part a sea of troubles.
Cuddle fish interface;
diamonds on the shore.
The synaptic oasis,
free from difficulty or strain,
reveals exquisite shapes
scintillating geometrical configurations
that bestow a sublime hope
on all those who traverse the path.

When I travel it myself,
I consider the many who are lost at sea—
their shapeless present
without a vector or a sign
in sight.

Will they find the talisman bodies
once again?
Will they imagine
the contours of the deep
and part the unfigured sea?